About Us

About Us...


They get under your skin these flowers. Well it’s not just the flowers - it takes only the smallest nugget of an idea from a client and we’re off, full of heady inspiration, raring to get on with the next exciting project.


So many ideas…so little time. It can be hard to sit still.


Details, it’s all in the details. We like a design that reveals itself. You don’t want to give it away all at once. The tiny seed pod in a bouquet, the hidden flower you catch from the corner of your eye. It’s the details you remember.


We grow a lot of our own flowers but don’t have only one particular style. You could probably call us style chameleons.


But then it’s not really about us is it? It’s about you and what you want. And we’re more than happy to change it up. That’s the challenge - that’s the fun.


We’re very lucky. We get to do a job we love and we come into our clients lives at the most amazing time. There’s love and there’s laughter and such great anticipation of the good times ahead.


Who wouldn’t enjoy that?